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Commercial Maintenance

David Price Construction is proud to offer commercial maintenance programs to help take the stress out of building management.

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Commercial Maintenance

For Clients in Greenville, Raleigh, Charlotte, and throughout NC

There are fewer things more exciting than opening the doors on your new business venture. Your brand new building or fully up-fitted building is open and ready to receive the customers you’ve so longed to meet. As with anything, time can be a foe to your new space; beyond its natural aging, employees, customers, and repeated use can create the need for repair. This is where David Price Construction comes in.

David Price Construction offers a full-service maintenance program that can take the stress out of building ownership. As a commercial maintenance client, our team is only a call away should you need us. Long gone are the days of calling multiple skilled workers. We will take ownership of the maintenance issue and coordinate everything you need to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

With past clients like O’Reilly Auto Parts, Biomat and Talecris Plasma Centers, Golf Tec, Carrier-Briant, and Mezeh, you know you’re in good hands. Our team can handle anything you need- general small repairs (wall damage, paint, etc), electrical, plumbing, and even larger issues like flood damage.

Give us a call today, we look forward to being your maintenance partner.


Some of our clients include: